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Many moons later...

It has been quite some time since i last posted. Over two years. My life got crazy and i lost track of everything. I had a major family emergency come up which resulted in me packing my bags in one night and flying off to Washington DC. There i spent a year at a hospital dealing with said emergency. After that i moved to Texas to be close to family, but also moved with my boyfriend. I finally got all my stuff sent to me from Portland and since then i have been working on making my life normal again. Things are good now, but many things have changed. My love of food has not though.
San Antonio has proven to be challenging in regards to healthy foods. (DUH.) I am fortunate enough to work at the only raw, vegan, gluten-free place here. Our main focus is fresh juices and shakes, but we do some raw, vegan dishes that i absolutely love. I am the raw chef for One Lucky Duck and i just feel so blessed to have found this job here. I've learned so much and continue to learn. I love that this world has been opened up to me.
Throughout all these changes i have not lost my love for vegan foods. I am currently seeing someone that had never experienced vegan cooking before i came into his life and it has been such a joy to make delicious dishes for someone who is so open-minded about good foods.
Lately i have decided to hop back on the cooking train. It was hard to make myself cook over the last couple years with so much going on, not being in my own kitchen, not having all of my own tools, pans, etc. I fell off the wagon basically. And it has been such a struggle to get back on. SO, I'm hoping to start blogging again, trying to stay on it, and inspire myself to cook my heart out. I love cooking and i miss it.
So here we go...


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Freezer nomz!

No recipes or photos to post today, but just wanted to write something to get back into the habit!
Today was a short day at work so i decided to come home and make up some noms. I'm preparing some dishes specifically to freeze for my boyfriend's kids. They come on the weekends and i like to make some foods in advance so that my boyfriend can utilize his time with them and not have to worry about cooking. With four kids it can be slightly daunting to have to worry about "what's for dinner?" So, i try to help him out. Today i made a couple pizza pasta casseroles. I already popped them in the freezer and now i'm going through the pantry and pulling out some things to throw into the crockpot for a vegan chili. Then before they come for the weekend i'll bake up some cornbread for them to have with it. Last time i made it i grated up a couple zucchinis to hide in there since the kids don't love all veggies. So i figure sneaking some in there never hurts. Pl…

Lettuce Wraps

A great light lunch or snack, lettuce wraps are so versatile, tasty and not to mention, super easy to put together. You can use any of your favorite veggies, sprinkle on some of your favorite seeds, add any fresh herbs your heart desires, top with some dried cranberries and add any dressing that satisfies your taste buds. Really, you can make them so many different ways! Plus you're getting tons of great nutrients from all of the raw veggies.

What I have written below is just one in a hundred ways you could create your veggie wrap. Feel free to sub in more or less of anything or add in anything you would like. The amount it yields is also easy to change. The amount of veggies you need depends on how stuffed you like your wraps and how many people you are feeding. What I have below is a lunch just for me, myself and I.


Healthful Veggie Wraps

2 large, hardy green leaves of your choice (such as romaine, kale, chard)
1 small zucchini (or cucumber), cut into large matchsticks
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In our home, my husband and I try to keep a healthy, balanced diet. We base our meals around a plant-based, whole foods diet and try to keep too much processed food out as well. I can't say that we are technically vegan, but that's how we eat about 90% of the time.

I'd say we've come a long way though considering that my husband used to be known as one of the most carnivorous people that our friends and I knew. When we started dating I did not cook. A lot of our friends laugh at this because now I'm a cooking machine! At first i just made whatever recipes sounded good, whether they contained meat and dairy or not. Then after a few years I started taking more interest in my health. With a lot of help from my dear friend Grace, I became interested in the vegan diet. I set out to eat healthfully for one month. At first I was doing great, but after about 1 1/2 weeks in i started to feel light-headed and not very energized. I talked to Grace about getting the right nutr…