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Lemon Fettuccine Alfredo!

So, last night i successfully made a vegan lemon fettuccine alfredo! I've actually never even made a regular alfredo sauce from scratch so i must say that i feel pretty impressed with myself.
*pats self on back*
But really, it was yummy. The subtle hint of lemon was a nice touch to the delicious cream sauce. There are some things i think i will change in the future though. The recipe i used had me use blanched almonds in the sauce to help with the creaminess. I went ahead and soaked mine (even though the recipe didn't ask me to) because i know that helps makes nuts and seeds break down easier. I also don't have a Vita-mix so i know that my sauce is only going to blend into a smooth consistency so much. While i did notice some teeny, tiny little pieces of almond in my pasta dish, i really don't think that was a deal breaker. I am definitely going to try the recipe again, but i will be using cashews instead. Cashews, when soaked, are super great when you're trying to achieve a "cream" of some sorts. Also, i will be adding more garlic. Shouldn't everything have more garlic in it??
(The answer is Yes)
Anyways, i'm super excited to try the pasta dish again and share the new updated recipe with y'all. I always love making a very non-vegan recipe into a successful vegan recipe. Rich cream sauce is something you kind of miss after awhile and it's nice to know that void can be filled with something just as tasty, but that's actually a lot healthier for you. Small victories!
I'm pretty excited about this week because i don't close a single night. Which means that i'm setting a small goal of having a home cooked meal EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Some of you may think "that's no big deal", but for me it is. As i explained in my previous post since returning, i fell off the cooking wagon and just have been so incredibly disappointed in myself. I cook a few nights a week at home, and a couple nights we piece together something random to eat like sammiches or whatever, and then a night or two we eat out. Which i would really love to stop doing so much. It just really adds up! Eating out should be a treat, not a "normal" occurrence. SO, cooking every night this week will be super exciting and fulfilling. Baby steps.
Tonight i'm out of town until late, but we made "pizza" on naan bread to eat before we left and i stocked the fridge with veggie spring rolls in case we are hungry when we get home. So prepared! I have a few ideas for the rest of the week, just need to get it all together in my head. I do know that at some point i will be preparing sweet potatoes. Candied Lime Sweet Potatoes, to be exact. My guy doesn't love sweet taters at all, but has agreed to be a champ and give this recipe a try. I'm pretty excited about it. I also have a ton of zucchini and squash in my fridge that i need to do something with. Maybe a veggie lasagna? That could be yummy...Zucchini thinly sliced on a mandolin to replace the noodles? Hm....this sounds like it might happen. Right now i'm on big thing about using up stuff that i have on hand. My pantry is full but i have been doing that "there's nothing to eat!" thing. So i'm trying to nip that and just buckle down and use whatever i have. It's like i need to pretend i'm on Chopped or something. But without that crazy time constraint because that would drive me bananas. How do those guys do it?
Ok, getting off track...
SO! More meals posts to come. Trying to stay on top of this and hopefully create some sort of habit for myself. Until next time.


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