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A Salad That Satisfies

The other evening I was majorly craving the delicious, simple ingredients of a salad, but it's starting to cool off a bit around here and a cold salad did not sound appealing. I started to peek around in my fridge and tried to think of something that would satisfy the craving I had. And whoa, the salad that was born not only did that, but it was incredible tasting! Not to mention super simple and healthful.

After my husband and sister tried it and said how delicious it was I decided that this salad is going to become a regular in my house. Especially during the fall and winter months because this is a slightly warmed salad that hits all the right spots. Some would call it "wilted" I guess, but "warmed" sounds so much more comforting to me. Caramelized onions and lightly seared tomatoes give this salad great texture while delivering wonderful flavors at the same time.

Now, when you look at the photos it will appear that this salad isn't very big, but just so…