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Wow. It's been four years since I last posted an entry. That's just insane. Life has been so crazy and interesting. I've moved, left my last relationship, gotten married, adventured all over the states, I'm a step mom to four wonderful kids and now expecting my own....the list truly goes on and on.

This blog originally started off as a blog for strictly vegan food. I currently live in Texas and let me tell you, that lifestyle is tough to uphold here. I've also just fallen out of being vegan and just want to enjoy food, no matter how it comes. I will say that I still want to focus on a lot of vegan dishes, but many vegetarian dishes will also be making it on here. I have four kiddos that don't come from any sort of "healthy eating" background and it has really given me a run for money.
I can sneak vegetarian meals by them occasionally, and I try to incorporate as many veggies as I can into meals (which mostly means sneaking them in, but you do what you gotta do), but it can just be hard when you weren't the one raising those munchkins or influencing their palates. And i'm just doing what I can for them, and I hope they one day realize it was all out of love. All of the b=veegies were out love and care for their bodies!
Who knows, maybe they won't care.

But I will still try to feed them the best I can, whenever I can. Sure, pizza makes it's debut sometimes, crappy cereal happens...but I'm doing my best. That counts, right?

So all that to say, Yummy Lumpkins will be focusing on delicious food that your whole family can enjoy. And maybe some vegan dishes that just you adults can enjoy. Heck, maybe even your kiddos will! They're all different.
Bottom line-- enjoy yummy food. Period.


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Freezer nomz!

No recipes or photos to post today, but just wanted to write something to get back into the habit!
Today was a short day at work so i decided to come home and make up some noms. I'm preparing some dishes specifically to freeze for my boyfriend's kids. They come on the weekends and i like to make some foods in advance so that my boyfriend can utilize his time with them and not have to worry about cooking. With four kids it can be slightly daunting to have to worry about "what's for dinner?" So, i try to help him out. Today i made a couple pizza pasta casseroles. I already popped them in the freezer and now i'm going through the pantry and pulling out some things to throw into the crockpot for a vegan chili. Then before they come for the weekend i'll bake up some cornbread for them to have with it. Last time i made it i grated up a couple zucchinis to hide in there since the kids don't love all veggies. So i figure sneaking some in there never hurts. Pl…

Lettuce Wraps

A great light lunch or snack, lettuce wraps are so versatile, tasty and not to mention, super easy to put together. You can use any of your favorite veggies, sprinkle on some of your favorite seeds, add any fresh herbs your heart desires, top with some dried cranberries and add any dressing that satisfies your taste buds. Really, you can make them so many different ways! Plus you're getting tons of great nutrients from all of the raw veggies.

What I have written below is just one in a hundred ways you could create your veggie wrap. Feel free to sub in more or less of anything or add in anything you would like. The amount it yields is also easy to change. The amount of veggies you need depends on how stuffed you like your wraps and how many people you are feeding. What I have below is a lunch just for me, myself and I.


Healthful Veggie Wraps

2 large, hardy green leaves of your choice (such as romaine, kale, chard)
1 small zucchini (or cucumber), cut into large matchsticks
2-3 ra…

Also, just a little photo...

Of some beautiful radishes my friend and I pulled from my garden this afternoon!

They just make me happy, that's all.