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Quick Veggie Roll-ups!

It's hard to eat healthier when you think of having to make something. So, the best thing I found to do is prep some veggies ahead of time. Sure, you have to take a little time to do that, but it's really not that hard and you can prep enough for a few days or even an entire week!

I went to the store yesterday determined to emerge with nothing but tasty, healthy snack options. I came out with these amazing, flavorful spinach onion tortillas, a one pound box of organic spring mix, carrots, one yellow bell pepper, one bunch of green onions, avocados, these beautiful "brown" tomatoes (which are more deep red/purple than brown) and roasted red pepper hummus. My plan was to have veggie wraps of different variations for snacks throughout the week. Also, this stuff all travels well so I can always pack of a quick lunch to have in between jobs. It's great!

Some beauties for you to ogle at.

Now, you're probably thinking, "Ok, what would even need prepping?". Well, not a lot, and that's part of the point. Even though we grab ingredients that are perfect for quick snacks we still sometimes think that chopping up some veggies is "too much to do when you're hungry". I've had those days. I know you have too. SO, easy fix: Pre-chop those carrots! Pre-chop that bell pepper! Doing this will make preparing yourself a snack a breeze.

This all might sound like a no-brainer, and it is. But I'm just here to try to give out some pointers that may help you make some better decisions about what you're putting into your body. So, on that note, let me walk you through what I snacked on earlier!

First off, prep some carrots. There are three carrots cut into matchsticks here in a one pint container. I'm thinking it will probably get me through the week.

While you're at it go ahead and slice up some bell pepper. They don't need to be sliced into any particular size, just however you like them. I sliced mine into about one inch wide strips and then chopped those up. I like my bell pepper to scatter easily. Store in a ziploc or tupperware.
Then, just pick and choose the veggies you want and get them ready to go in a wrap. I chose one green onion, a handful of bell pepper, one tiny avocado (or one half of a regular size one), half a tomato and a handful of my prepped carrot matchsticks. Chop the tomato, avo and green onion.

When it comes to the tortillas, I suggest a flavorful one. If you like white or whole wheat go ahead and use them, but I personally like to get excited about my food and a plain ol' white tortilla just doesn't do it for me. I also like to heat up my tortillas slightly. I believe it enhances the flavors a bit and also helps make them more flexible.
I also chose a red pepper hummus, but you can of course choose some other flavor. I bet roasted garlic hummus would be excellent for this!
Get some herbs or pepper to sprinkle in your wrap, too. Dried herbs are always great flavoring agents without having to reach for the salt or some kind of unhealthy sauce. These guys are my favorite and I just sprinkle away. Don't be shy!

So go ahead and spread some hummus onto your tortilla. Then sprinkle on the herbs. Grab your veggies and toss them onto the tortilla, roll up and voila!

Easy shmeasy, you have a healthy snack! Or make a few and have a super fresh, tasty dinner! It's summer time and all the best vegetables are right within reach. Get creative, prep ahead, and you should have no problem eating a little healthier this season.


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